NAVSA 2014 University of Western Ontario Western University NAVSA 2014

Network Lunches

Victorian dinner partyConference participants will have the opportunity to register for one of six Network Lunches, special lunch-time sessions where people gather to discuss issues related to professionalization in an informal way with leading experts in their respective fields. This year’s network lunches will focus on opportunities for scholarly publication in both traditional and digital formats. Join us for lunch!

Session One

Submitting to an Academic Journal

Facilitators: Lisa Surridge and Mary-Elizabeth Leighton (managing editors of the Victorian Review), and Ivan Kreilkamp (co-editor of Victorian Studies)

Session Two

Publishing a Monograph with an Academic Press

Facilitator: Linda Bree (Cambridge University Press)

Session Three

Publishing a Critical Edition

Facilitators: Don Le Pan (Broadview Press), and Marjorie Stone and Beverly Taylor (volume editors of The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Pickering and Chatto)). 

Session Four

Creating a Digital Archive

Facilitators: Natalie Houston (Projector Director, The Visual Page, Co-Director and Technical Director, The Periodical Poetry Index), and Karen Bourrier (Project Director, Nineteenth-Century Disability: Cultures & Contexts).

Session Five 

Academic Blogging and Social Networking

Facilitators: Daniel Martin (The Floating Academy: A Victorian Blog), and Lisa Hager (twitter @lmhager and contributor to Journal of Victorian Culture Online).

Session Six

What I Did Right (and Wrong): Advice from Authors on Publishing your First Book

Facilitators: Joshua King (Baylor University) and Jill Rappaport (University of Kentucky).